My Name is Rich McIsaac. I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, CA.

I'm interested in exhibiting a multi-faceted body of work entitled "The Beautiful Days". The project explores a scope of tactile, visual and audio meditations told through an aesthetic vernacular of noise in natural harmony; Droning video static projections cast against densely inked prints of transcendent landscape photography, synthesized with calming, oceanic oil pastel sheet drawings. Altogether telling a contemporary urban/rural Northern Californian story of sensual and spiritual duality.

I like my flowers with a little grit.

The show would include: prints, drawings, video projections, sound works and site-specific installation elements.

Please contact Rich McIsaac directly at info@richmcisaac.com with any exhibition based inquiries.


Examples below:



("The Beautiful Days" - ink printed photographs, each approximately 8 x 10")





(Crayon Meditation drawings- Oil pastel, crayon on paper, varying dimensions)


(Images from "This Land Is Not Your Land, Solo exhibition, Lump Gallery, 2012.)